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Best Cold brew hack of 2020: Two minute recipe

Cold Brew recipe two minutes

Cold brew is a fantastic beverage for any hot summer day. Typical recipes involve hours until you can enjoy your iced coffee. Today I will give you a quick guide on how to make cold brew that will be read in just two minutes.


Items Needed:

Super finely ground coffee: 20 grams

Filtered water: 250 grams 

Aeropress: 1x

Aeropress filter: 1x

Stir Stick: 1x

Steps Taken:

1) Find some of your favorite beans and grind them till they resemble a fine powder. This fineness is what allows for the quick extraction of coffee. Normal cold brew involves coarsely ground coffee immersed in water for 12-24 hours. This grind will eliminate a majority of the time needed to complete your drink.

2) Now, take your aeropress and invert it. Place a filter into the aeropress end.

3) Combine 20 grams of your coffee with 150 grams of filtered water.

4) Use a stirring stick and vigorously stir the mixture in the inverted aeropress for two minutes.

5) You can now invert the aeropress and press to filter the coffee. Stop just before the aeropress makes a hiss sound.

6) Dilute the concentrate to whatever ratio you would like. In our case, we added an additional 100 grams of water and some ice.

7) Enjoy it straight or add some milk for a nice creamy beverage.

Try this recipe with our Guatemalan coffee beans: 

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